May 10, 2016

Mollie Lambert receives excellent reviews for RUSSIAN DOLLS, "Lambert is certainly an actress to watch out for". Read more..

Mollie received consistently excellent reviews for her role as Camelia, in RUSSIAN DOLLS (WORLD PREMIERE) at The King's Head Theatre, directed by Hamish MacDougall. Here are just a few:

" The young and desperate Camelia (played by the immensely talented Mollie Lambert) contrasts nicely next to the older, wiser and mesmerising Hilda". - Sophia Shluger (The Londonist).

"Set in modern-day Britain, the play explores the relationship between the young and the old, as Camelia, portrayed by the outstanding Mollie Lambert, finds her world becoming desperately intertwined with Hilda". - James Fisher (The Upcoming).

"Meanwhile Lambert is certainly a force of nature – determined, self-willed, stubborn and aggressive – but still with a hint of vulnerability that balances the aggression out beautifully. Lambert is certainly an actress to watch out for in the future." - lovelondonloveculture.

"Equally Lambert is incredibly impressive in her performance as a young girl on the wrong track because she doesn’t know anything else, Lambert’s heart-breaking performance ensured that the audience cared about her throughout her tumultuous journey." - Jessica Grey (The Theatre Tourist).

"The petite Mollie Lambert is a complete revelation in the role of Camelia; barely five feet tall, she has a commanding presence on stage and complements the excellent Stephanie Fayerman as Hilda." - Playhouse Pickings.

"Fayerman and Lambert’s powerful performances as two lonely, lost souls are so moving that you don’t watch anything but them. " - Islington Gazette